The answer to violence is NEVER more violence

On the weekend, a couple of kids were robbed at the train station where I used to live. Im not going to provide names or links, not will I screen shot any of the truly horrifying-in-the-sense-that-people-are-this-retarded Facebook posts I’ve seen in the Community groups.

I did fire up at a Politician on Social Media because he was using it for political point scoring… not to say it was an unfortunate or tragic event, but to bag out the current premier… when pressed, he wouldnt provide a coherent answer but rather referred us to outdated election materials.

I have been a victim of assault at a train station. I am not bragging, but 4 Islander boys couldnt take me down. Instead, they ran for the train, got off the next station and robbed someone else… why did they come after me… cos they percieved I had disrespected them.

I am not comparing what happened to me to what happened on the weekend, but this was in the days before Protective Service Officers on Victorian public transport and only one guy tried to help me. Im sure if I look hard enough, there is probably Youtube footage of it.  Just checked, doesnt appear to be.

So the long and short of it, according the news was that two teenagers were waiting for a bus when a large group of other teenagers, of African appearance, approached them and asked the time. When he pulled out his phone to check, they demanded he hand it over, with his shoes and a gold necklace. They also made him unlock his phone and turn off the Apple ID. The bashing occurred I would imagine when the kids said No they werent handing over his stuff.

This is where the story gets a little hazy… a large group of African Teenagers, but only two did the bashing. The PSO’s were quite a distance away (which is understandable because the trainline goes below road level and is about 100m from the bus stops). The way the story is told though is that it was apparently two seperate incidents because either one of the kids, or commuters alerted the PSO’s.

Now I dont know about you, but I couldnt run 100m along a train platform, up nearly two stories of stairs, then another 150m to the bus stops in World Record breaking time, especially when Im carrying around 10-15kg of operational gear. The PSO’s were lambasted because they did nothing.

I should point out for those reading along, PSO’s are armed with Glocks and Capsicum spray.

When two PSO’s are confronted by a large group, fuck it, gang of individuals who are threatening a member of the public, they would have two options. They could pull out their service weapons and threaten the gang, or they could conduct harm minimisation and call for back up which would be better prepared and in larger numbers to handle the situation.

The general public, especially the kids dad, expected the PSO’s to essentially start shooting!

Now, assuming the PSO’s made it there before it was all over, the first thing they would have done is seen a large group of people. Their priority would have been to help the victims, get statements and then let the Police deal with it from there.

If they had of drawn their weapons, Im pretty sure the situation would have escalated and someone would have either gotten shot, or the PSO’s attacked as well. I dont know enough about the whole situation to make an educated assessment, nor am I actually qualified to do so.

The backlash however has been nothing short of disgusting.

Australia like to tout itself as the lucky country, where everyone is your mate and its just one year long BBQ… well, if you’re a White European, this might be the case… if you’re not… then damn son, you’re shit out of luck!

Lets just say the White Australia Policy was only ended in 1966… Aboriginals were legally given the vote in 1967.

Just doing a quick Wikipedia search to check my facts...

Relaxation of restrictions

Australian policy began to shift towards significantly increasing immigration. Legislative changes over the next few decades continuously opened up immigration in Australia.[26]

Labor Party Chifley Government:

  • 1947 The Chifley Labor Government relaxed the Immigration Restriction Act allowing non-Europeans the right to settle permanently in Australia for business reasons.

Liberal-Country Party Menzies Government (1949–1966):

  • 1949 Immigration Minister Harold Holt permitted 800 non-European refugees to stay, and Japanese war brides to be admitted.[35]
  • 1950 External Affairs Minister Percy Spender instigated the Colombo Plan, under which students from Asian countries were admitted to study at Australian universities.
  • 1957 Non-Europeans with 15 years’ residence in Australia were allowed to become citizens.
  • 1958 Migration Act 1958 abolished the dictation test and introduced a simpler system for entry. Immigration Minister, Sir Alick Downer, announced that ‘distinguished and highly qualified Asians’ might immigrate.
  • 1959 Australians were permitted to sponsor Asian spouses for citizenship.
  • 1964 Conditions of entry for people of non-European stock were relaxed.

I mention this because Immigration is a hot button topic in Australia at the moment. It has been for quite some time, when Pauline Hanson gave her maiden speech in 1997 decrying the “Asian Invasion” and she was blasted as a racist and a redneck, I’ve seen those same people who decried her policies now calling her a visionary!

The current minority of choice are the South Sudanese, or if one is not available, all Muslims, all the time. If you dont have one handy, Indians or Chinese… actually any Asian really.

The kids who did the bashing, were apparently South Sudanese. I wont lie, there is a bit of a community of them in that area, but for the most part, they are just young kids. They’ve embraced the Gangsta lifestyle because it looks powerful to them. Coloured men, saying “fuck you” to authority, gettin’ all the bitchez, smackin’ all the ho’s, smokin’ dem bluntz. Whatever… for the most part I would argue they just wanna look tough, play basketball and pretend they are kings among men.

Then of course, there are the actual gang members who argue that the environment they came from, to rob, cheat, assault and do whatever they want, is all they know… they are a problem. They form their gangs with the sole purpose of being criminals.

In their defence, Ned Kelly is a national hero in Australia, cos he wore a suit of armor and was a bush ranger, when actually he was a thief and a murderer. He killed Police officers… so I can see why people consider him a hero and the rest of us what he actually is. He didnt thumb his nose at authority, he outright broke the law. If it wasnt for that suit of armour, he’d be a footnote in history.

Back to the point, there is no denying there is a gang problem in Victoria. In Dandenong, there is APEX, an African gang that was responsible for a large spate of violence at various events, car jackings, robberies… by the end of it, I think people were just claiming to be part of the gang.

This of course, led to escalations… everyone trying to prove they were the biggest, the baddest, the most down trodden, the most victimised. Every one of the had a hard luck story about how difficult it was living in what is essentially fucking paradise compared to where they came from.

So yeah, long story short, the cries for the longest has been to “deport the fucking lot of them“. Yeah, no ifs, no buts, DEPORT! If you cant deport the kids, deport the parents because they should be responsible for their kids… and take them with them. Not even jail time, just put em on the plane and fuck em off back home.

Of course, thats the answer to any problem with immigration… “FUCK OFF, WE’RE FULL”.

Just recently, there was a rally in St Kilda regarding the immigration problem…. problem? Issue?? It was rather well attended by the left and the right… you know… ANTIFA and whatever flavour of proud Aryan you would care for (we’re not Nazi’s… we just think that an entire race should be wiped off the face of the planet and that would solve all problems)… rhetoric was spewed and of course, punches were thrown… but neither side threw the first one… everyone was a victim that day.

It wouldnt be fair to leave the left wing people out of this little rant… they bleat about free speech and acceptance, hiding behind the their own PC rhetoric to try and claim moral superiority because “we’re standing up for the underdogs”… standing up, starting fights, causing mayhem and basically being a nuisance… but as long as they can claim that moral high ground of course.

Just to be clear… both sides are ridiculous!

So yeah, I guess Australia is less Crocodile Dundee and more Mad Max after all huh?

What was the educated communities response to these kids being robbed at the bus stop? To pillory the two PSO’s and the next day… teenagers patrolling the station stopping anyone of African descent, with baseball bats.

The difference, people were applauding these kids! The same ones who would have a go about the gang problem, about all the weapons they apparently carry… they are applauding these kids like they would a man who robbed stage coaches and murdered people.

There are cries of “take back our streets”, “take back our country”, “we will no longer be afraid”… which is playing right into the hands of these right wing fucktards who see this as justification for starting shit for the sake of starting shit… but calling it a safety patrol!

If you have a look at recent events, where the entire community has been polarised by attacks on the public..

Jill Meagher – raped and killed by a white guy who was out on bail and had a history of sexual assaults.
Eurydice Dixon – raped and killed 900m from her house, once again… white guy.
Gargasoulas – The guy was high on Ice, thought God told him to drive down the Bourke St mall, killing 10 and injuring many more. Not African.
Aiia Maasarwe – Killed by a NOT AFRICAN guy who had a crush on her.

Lets go back further…

Martin Bryant – The guy who shot up the town of Port Arthur in 1996… white as a sheet.
The Lindt Siege – It was a Muslim guy sure… but a radicalised one, not Malik the guy who works in the next cubicle over. Same with the Somali guy shot in Bourke St recently… double points… Muslim, Western Suburbs and Radicalised!

As I said before, there has been a lot of stupidity from this community… Air BnB’s getting trashed, brazen shop lifting, riots…. but on the scale of 1 to Martin Bryant… it had less to do with ethnicity and more to do with gang mentality and entitlement.

So this is the problem as I see it… its all about escalation. People dont try and de-escalate issues anymore. If someone comes at you with their fists, you come back with a knife… they come back at you with a gun… you respond, they respond… no one seems to be able to take their licks anymore. You wanted to fight, you lost, move on. Sure, pride hurts… but who cares? In the grand scheme of things… isnt it just easier to be over and done with.

When I was attacked at the train station years ago, I did plead with them, I did apologise to them. I even told them I’d had a bad day, pointed out the security camera right above me. Nope, four on one. I could have fought back, probably would have taken a few down with me, but in the long run I would then have to live in fear of the reprisal. Next time, they’d probably pull that knife out they were carrying, and used to rob the kid at the next train station… or I could start carrying a weapon… however…

If the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem starts to look like a nail.

Thats the same with these kids who decided to patrol the train station after the robbery and assault. They were not there to protect, they wanted to get in peoples faces, they wanted to wave their bats around and feel like big men. They had become the thing they apparently stood against.

Batman was an uber rich playboy philanthropist vigilante. He didnt kill people, but he definintely put his share in hospital. Dont get me wrong, Batman is awesome! As a practical reality however… he is not. Vigilantism is nothing something that should be condoned. The Police, love em or hate em, are there to do a job. You might hate the “the jacks” but when your house gets broken into, your car stolen, your child assaulted… who you gonna expect to show up and do something about it?

In my capacity as an Emergency Services volunteer, we work along side the Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance service etc… and I’ve seen some pretty horrific stuff. I’ve carted murder victims out of streams, provided lighting at fatal car accidents, retrieved bodies from industrial accidents… this is not my every day… it is for them.

Same for the PSO’s… if you’re literally the first line of defence against idiots doing stupid stuff night in, night out… it takes a toll… but to have the audacity to question their competence and call for their sacking because they didnt want to escalate a situation that would have resulted in more injuries, maybe fatalities and consequences that would stay with you a lifetime…

Besides, you could always use your 15 seconds of fame to start a GoFundMe page to replace all the stuff that got stolen… oh wait… they did that.