Life Skills.. or why you dont want to starve when you eventually move out of home.

First of all, no this isnt millenial bashing. This isnt bashing any generation. However, I was taught something at a reasonably young age… self reliance. There is only one person who is responsible for who you are… and thats you.

Im not gonna give people shit about $17 Smashed Avo’s on toast with a single origin short black as a breakfast staple. Nor am I gonna give you shit because your essentially a metrosexual lumberjack with literally no life skills outside self importance and the belief that the gig economy is the answer to your laziness.

If you aspire to be an “Social Media Influencer”, or think that you’re just one viral video away from Kardashian levels of fame… hate to tell you the bad news… You’re not! You will need to start at the bottom and work your way up. You wont get summers off to follow your bliss and most importantly… no one cares about your feelings. You want a safe space.. build a pillow fort. Soon as you step out into the big bad world… you’re just another person, going about their business.

So… what does this have to do with anything?

Basic life skills… how to cook, how to clean, how to be self reliant.

Sure we live in this hyper connected world where anything you want to know is just a Google search away, and you can just pay someone to do the shit jobs, but lets face it.. there are some problems that cant be fixed by outsourcing.

I figure there are some basic skills that every one should have (and no I am not discriminating on the basis of gender here)… there are no boy skills and girl skills… just life skills.

cant change a tyre1. Changing a Tyre

So you find yourself having just blown a tyre. Sure you could call the Roadside Assist, but they could be hours away. You could call for a parent, but you think they’re gonna ever let you live it down?

Its not hard.. it just takes time.

2. Basic Cooking

No one is expecting you to be a chef, but believe me, if you dont want to starve, its a good idea to learn how to cook. Eating out gets expensive when you’re the one paying for it. With a little forward planning and imagination… get a piece of fish (salmon maybe), whatever spices you can find (Garlic Salt, Lemon, whatever)… wrap it in Alfoil (metal foil) and stick it in the oven on 200 degrees for about 40 minutes. Get a pre-packaged salad from the shops… and voila… you have yourself a somewhat healthy dinner with fuck all prep time and mostly sitting around waiting for it to cook…

3. Driving with a trailer

Remember how your Dad was some trailer backing wizard… you could be too. Driving with a trailer isnt hard. It isnt scary and it just takes practice. Just remember, your car is twice as long now and when you’re reversing, use your mirrors, whichever mirror has too much trailer showing, thats the way you turn the wheel. It takes time, it takes practice and it takes concentration.

4. Driving a manual transmission

Sure just about every car these days is an Auto, but you know what… you dont want to be stuck not knowing how to drive a manual if you need to. Get a couple of lessons. Get some practice… its a skill once practiced becomes second nature.

So yeah… basic life skills, or how to be a functional human being!

DILIGAF.. the Rascal King returns.

Since reading “THE SUBTLE ART OF NOT GIVING A FUCK” by Mark Manson, I’ve been motivated to write again. Its always been a bit of a passion of mine, you know… looking at the world around me and basically judging the shit out of it, calling bullshit on what I see and making up my own mind about what is going on.


Essentially, if no one reads this… I dont give a fuck!

They say you should never discuss religion and politics, but those are two of most intriguing topics in my mind because they are so polarizing and people have such strong opinons. So yeah, this is to say “I am that guy“. I have opinions, they may not be right, they may be completely wrong… but they are mine. This is my outlet to express them.

If you cant see this, its not that much of a loss

This is me… not giving a damn!

So a little about myself… Im nearly 40, Im Australian and I’ve seen and done some stuff trying to live a life less ordinary. I was your typical pissed off at the world teenager, a little too obsessed with Orwell’s 1984. I saw social class as a barrier that must be left a smouldering ruin. I wasnt popular, I wasnt very likeable, I had a pretty high opinion of myself and was determined to never be a sheep, blindly following and accepting the status quo.

This parlayed into a major indoctrination to “In Tyler we trust”. I saw myself as a Corporate Space Monkey, accepting that the world as I knew it had turned into a culture of mass consumerist brain washing and we needed to reclaim our place in history by not putting blind faith in what we saw, felt and experienced. We had to do what was right, not what was expected.

I thought this would make me strong and principled…

It made me an asshole!

My wife would KILL me if I put her picture up

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About 10 years ago I met my now wife. She was equally as damaged as I was but for different reasons. She saw through the asshole and liked me for who I was and what I stood for. A zero bullshit, actually not that bad a guy she fell in love with. I guess this proved to me that life didnt suck, I was worthy of love and I no longer wanted to actively watch the world burn.

It was her recommendation that I read Manson’s book and now I feel like I’ve turned a corner. So yeah, sit back and let me give it to you both barrels!